Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is it wiser to identify primarily with the engine or the shell of the machine?

If the choice is between placing the emphasis on what type of engine a machine has vs. placing the emphasis on the exterior shell of the machine, it would be wiser to choose to place the emphasis on the kind of engine that the machine possesses. For example, two cars with two identical bodies but two very different engines/interior machinery are not the same kind of car - though they may look the same on the outside. If one car is capable of driving at 150 miles per hour & the other is only capable of going 25 miles per hour, then, in spite of what things may appear to be at first, you are looking at two different cars - not two cars whose primary & shared aspect of note is how they look on the outside. In a similar & related way, the most valuable aspect of humanity is the individual. No two individuals are alike - even though the vast majority of the people believe otherwise & are engaged in a once taught, now unconscious (most of the time) daily ritual of reinforcing that belief by placing people into various group categories - race, tribe, nationality - & then elevating the group identity above the individual identity (this is also a process that many people apply to themselves, to place the value of the individual self below what they believe is their most significant group identity). Even though at certain times it may be very beneficial to others & the world when an individual decides to sacrifice themselves for a group, ultimately, it is the individual or each individual within a group that is millions of times more valuable than the group - the group is only a passing political identity, whereas the individual is a unique being of mysterious origin whose full capabilities and destiny are very seldom known. Without the individual, there is no group. Race theory is a lazy idea that seeks to control individuals by placing them within false, inaccurate, narrow, simple, & few in number labels. The individual is real, race is not.

- Sujewa

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